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How do I find my school in the App or Admin Portal dropdown lists?

Follow the steps below to learn how to find your school or organisation in the App or Admin Portal.

The Safer Schools App Dropdown List

When you open the Safer Schools App, tap on the box to search for your school.

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After typing a few characters your school or organisation's name should appear in the dropdown list. If not, continue to type the name until it does.

Note: Some schools or organisations have similar names (for example "St. Mary's"), therefore you may need to type more of the name before it appears in the dropdown ("St Mary's Catholic Primary").

The ABLE Admin Portal Dropdown List

Go to the ABLE Admin Portal (click here).

On the Organisation list, select Safer Schools Package. (You can type the letters "SAF" in succession to jump down the list.)


Note: You need to select the Safer Schools Package - your school's name will not appear in the Organisation list, as it is registered as a sub-organisation.

When you have clicked the Sub Organisation list, you can then type the first three letters of your school's name to jump down the list, closer to your school. You can then scroll to your school's full name.

Tip: Some schools have similar names (for example "St. Mary's"), therefore make sure you scroll to the correct school. If your school shares the same name with another school, your region should appear in brackets, for example - "St Mary's (Leeds)".


Still need help? To contact the Safer Schools Team click here.